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Here at Owatonna Veterinary Services in Owatonna, MN, we offer a wide range of services to provide your pet with the best quality care.

Parasite Control

In-house testing is offered for internal and external parasites. We carry the products needed to design control programs tailored to each patient's individual needs. This includes heartworm testing and prevention, flea & tick control along with other products for protection against additional external parasites, and also dewormers for internal parasites.




A microchip is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades of a dog or cat. The chip contains a unique number that can be detected by a special scanner. As long as the chip was initially registered under the owner's information, the owner can then be contacted to become reunited with the lost pet.



Laser Surgery

A laser is used instead of a scalpel blade for surgery. It has many benefits that includes minimizing bleeding during surgery and speeding up recovery time with less pain and swelling as the laser seals the nerve endings and the lymphatic channels responsible for swelling.

Because of its advantages, we always use the laser for feline declaws, canine neuters and mass removals. It is offered as an option for all other surgeries.




Whether your cat or dog is 6 months or 6 years old, it is important to spay or neuter your pet. It is recommended to have it done when they are six months old before they reach sexual maturity. Even if your pet is older, there are still benefits to getting them altered.

For female animals, their risk of breast cancer will decrease, and the risk of getting serious uterine infections is eliminated. Male animals will have less risk of prostate problems and not be susceptible to testicular cancer.

All our declaw procedures are laser-assisted, which allows for a more humane surgery & recovery. The question of whether or not to declaw needs to be based on each cat's individual lifestyle and because each case is different, we can discuss with you if it is the right thing to do or not. The declaw can be done any time after 12 weeks of age.




Oral health is just as important for animals as it is for humans. Research indicates that by age two, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some sort of dental disease. Older animals and small breed dogs are more prone to having more serious dental conditions. If an animal's teeth become affected by dental disease, and tartar and gingivitis are present, we may suggest a dental prophylaxis, or cleaning, to return the teeth and gums to a healthy state.

After pre-anesthetic bloodwork and dental radiographs, our cleanings involve a 4-step process: an oral exam is done, a piezo electric scaler is used to clean the teeth above & below the gum line, then a high-speed polisher to help smooth the surfaces of the teeth and as a final step, a sealant is applied. This dental machine is similar to the one you see at your human dentist. Extractions are only done if the oral exams or radiographs show a problem with the roots.



Digital Dental Radiography

Dental radiographs are done before cleaning the teeth to check for any root or other hidden problems, such as an abscess or bone loss, which may indicate that an extraction is needed. Otherwise, dental problems that may be causing pain for the animal may be left undetected.

Physical Examinations

Puppy/kitten exams, wellness exams, and geriatric exams are done to ensure physical health or to identify a physical concern at all life stages.

Examinations for pets with any abnormal symptoms so we may determine the appropriate treatment to get them well again

Examinations to issue health certificates for interstate or international travel



We offer the necessary "core" vaccines, such as canine and feline combination vaccines to protect them from the diseases they can pick up. We also offer lyme, kennel cough and feline leukemia vaccines if your pet's lifestyle should require them.

Rabies vaccination is important both for your pet and your family's safety. It is required by all municipalities in our practice area. Your pet's current rabies tag is the city license in Owatonna and it is required for them to wear.

Digital Full Body Radiography

Our digital x-ray system produces very clear, concise images for better detection of potential problems with the skeletal system, abdominal, or chest regions.


In-House Lab/Diagnostics

Our veterinary clinic has a well equipped in-house lab to perform a wide range of in-house tests for your cat or dog so you can receive results on the same day or next day. Some examples include urinalysis, fecal analysis, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, comprehensive bloodwork for sick or geriatric animals, thyroid screening and more. We also utilize several outside laboratories for testing for detailed or complex conditions, such as allergy testing.



Our pharmacy is stocked with most of your pet's medications. We have anything from antibiotics to pain medications to heart medications for your one-stop convenience.


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